Hotel Management Software for Budget to Large Hotels

Whether you operate a budget hotel offering limited services or a large hotel offering high-end luxury services, hotel management software can help you serve your guests better. In hospitality business irrespective of size and facilities, guest service draws maximum importance. In order to make sure that your guests have your utmost attention, you need to free up yourself from doing many routine tasks related to your hotel’s operation. The best way is to just mechanize maximum number of processes using hotel management software.

Hotel Management Software or Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) is key to streamline a hotel’s daily complex operations in an efficient manner. Be it a small budget hotel, mid-sized hotel, large and independent hotel in chain or a resort, a Hotel PMS has become the technological backbone to ensure smooth operations across departments. The only difference is the robustness and feature set of the hotel software that you need to adopt as per your hospitality property’s niche requirements.

How to select a right hotel software?


Pricing plays a major role while you start searching for a hotel software as software can differ in terms of features and functionalities. To get going on this, first look at you property, re-evaluate your offerings, services and facilities before you decide upon a hospitality management software. If you are running a luxurious hotel that has 100 plus rooms, plus couple of restaurants, bars, pubs, gyms and conference halls, then you must look for a large hotel property management software. Similarly, you can even consider adopting a large hotel management software if you own a full-service hotel where you plan to bring in maximum operational automation.

Large and comprehensive hotel software are mainly known as Hotel ERP due their all-inclusive features and maximum number of modules. For example, IDS Next’s FortuneNEXT 6i Enterprise and FortuneNEXT 6i Professional are two Hotel ERPs with 12 extensive modules. These integrated hotel software run on a single database and let you work smarter on each and every segment of our large hotel operation.

However, if your hotel property belongs to the mid-sized segment, you might have to implement a hotel software for mid-sized hotel. Similarly, if you are a smaller operation, you have to approve a small hotel software with relatively less number of feature sets. FortuneNEXT 6i Express and FortuneNEXT 6i Genie are two ideal hotel management software in these categories. They offer everything that you have to have for smooth function of your small hotel property. These two software are highly scalable and grows with your business and operations.

Now, it is not wise to spend more on a robust hotel software with massive features for your budget hotel offering limited services. In this case, you can review a small budget hotel software like PAX from IDS Next. Being the ideal PMS for small and budget hotels, PAX comes with most basic modules that are essential to their operations. Cost-effectively priced, this software for small hotel aids you leverage tremendous power of internet to increase occupancy at your property.

Why IDS Next hotel software?

In today’s competitive hotel business, simplifying operations through hotel software is not enough. In fact, you should leverage a hotel management software to attract more customers to grow occupancy and profit. That is why, IDS Next has integrated its hospitality management software with Hotel 360 solutions. With this, your hotel can seamlessly access solutions like business intelligence, revenue management, online reputation management, distribution platform, central reservation system, last minute room booking, spa solution and more.

IDS Next’s Hotel ERP and other hospitality management software are ultimate automation tool for hotels of any size. From front of the house to back office, carefully embedded modules and features just work fine as per your property’s specific requirements and let you or your staff work faster. They provide all the vital information needed for optimum operation at your fingertips.

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